Tillie Greer|Lifestyle Newborn Session|Kelly Braman Photography

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Tillie Greer|Lifestyle Newborn Session|Kelly Braman Photography


September 26, 2011

Get ready for some serious overload of adorable sweetness!  Welcome, Tillie Greer Earley and her proud parents, Travis and Mindy and doggie brother, Baxter!  You have seen Travis and Mindy on the site before, but this is the first of many appearances for miss tillie g!

I LOVE in home lifestyle sessions! I always think about what I would have loved of my family had I had the opportunity to document this special time in life! Those first few weeks are filled with so many emotions and shooting in your own environment has so much meaning behind the session!  I love the snuggles and cries and sleepy sweetness of newborns!  I love seeing the first time parents look to each other when the baby won’t stop crying and wonder if they have the only baby who did not cooperate during the shoot 🙂  This is all to be expected! I reassure them that we have all been through this and this too shall pass:)  I remember bringing home my boys and Micah and I were SO sleep deprived and we would have given our right arm for more than 2 hours of sleep or a day of what our life used to look like…Bickering and nudges as “It’s YOUR Turn” were now common at 2am ! ;)But, when  they slept in our arms and looked up at us…it was all worth it in that moment. 🙂 You start to see your spouse in a new light…as a daddy and you are the mommy! You have a new found respect for them and your love for each other  runs deeper than you could have ever dreamed! (ok..let’s be real…maybe not at the 2am feeding, but possibly the 5am when daddy is rocking the little miracle and doing everything he knows how to calm and soothe his sweet new babe! I miss those times, but I am here to say..it only gets sweeter: the good, the bad and the ugly…it’s all worth it because you have each other!

Earley Family…I could not be happier for you!  Tillie is such a love and you are wonderful parents already! It was so sweet to document your “early” days(ha..I think I am so funny:) Enjoy your images!!!  I LOVE them!

love and sleep,






daddy's girl already!


awe...she sleeps 🙂


I can't get enough of sweet sleeping babies!


um..they MADE Tillie...what a mircle!!


annndd....meet brother, baxter!!!!!!! He is SO excited to have a sister!!!!!!!!!


awe..baxter boy didn't mean to wake the babe! promise! 🙂


Real life...soothing and nursing...AGAIN 🙂 Love these two shots!!!!



I spy a baby bump that I took!








see...tillie g. is already waving at my camera:)


awe...look at that face! oh, and the bling from Auntie Joelle!


*one of my favorite moments! this is So them!



vintage fabric, hand-made bonnet, and sweet baby girl=priceless


sweetness x 100!





more favorites...these next few are my favorites, too!



All the mama's want to smack you...you are so beautiful, min!


i love this...





thank you, pinterest...mindy loved this pose and I did too!



  1. Kmay

    September 29th, 2011 at 8:30 pm

    Um, I LOVE these!!! Congratulations Mindy & Travis… Tillie is A-dorable!! And I totally Love that name! They will cherish these forever!

  2. daisy

    October 6th, 2011 at 9:35 am

    Kelly — this session is adorable beyond words! I LOVE the lifestyle feel of them… at that last image – ultimate sweetness.

  3. Jennifer

    October 7th, 2011 at 8:23 am

    OH! These are the sweetest shots ever!! I seriously can hardly look at them for to long they are so adorable!!! I Want to snuggle that adorble baby!! Love the pic with the books ♥♥

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